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            Service hotline:
            Email: jmb@xcc-zxz.com
            About us
            ???????JM Bearing Group Co.,Ltd.(JMB), established in 2004 and has been a Sino-Poland cooperative enterprise with FLT Polska Sp. z o.o. since 2013., is Located in Huibu industrial zone in ChangShan, the west of the Zhejiang province, covering an area of 70,000 sq.m, with a construction area of 60,000 sq.m. It is a collection of tapered roller bearing (TRB) researching, manufacturing and import & export trade. 70% of the products are exported to the U.S, Europe, South America, India and other countries and regions to provide machinery parts for auto, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, and mining machinery etc. JMB is also the main supplier for China Chery and other joint ventures. We have honor to get the “Best Quality Suppliers of Chery Automobile”.....[More]
            R & D
            ??? The JMB R&D center is the integration of industry-university-researcher and the ten core members of our team are the visiting experts from domestic renowned bearing research institutions and universities such as Luoyang bearing research institution, Hangzhou bearing test research center, Zhejiang University and the College of Quzhou etc. What’s more, we also have more than 10 engineers working at plant. We have a whole set of testing and inspection instrument including raw material analysis, incoming inspection,...[More]
            Enterprise Culture
            Enterprise tenet: Customer demand oriented; harmonize interests of corporate, staff, supplier, society, environment and country and develop in a sustaining and healthy way.
            Quality policy : More diligent , More professional , More perfect (3M)
            Environmental policy: Care for the environment, clean & beautify the space, conserve energy& reduce consumption ,cleaner production
            Staff health & security policy: Build a garden plant and create homeland culture to make staff feel comfortable and secure....[More]
            Product Application
            ???? JMB produces the TRB of Metric and Inch series according to ISO standard and American ANSI/ABMA standard. JMB bearing dimension range is OD 35-220mm. Advanced processing technologies and controlling techniques are widely used on JMB bearing for noise reduction and life extension.
            ? The application of computer aided design can optimize the internal structure parameters and technological parameters according to different working conditions.
            ? Use SPECTRO spectrometer imported from Germany to inspect incoming steel batch by batch.[More]

            All rights reserved: Zhejiang JM bearing Co., LTD (JMB)??? ?technical support: Zhejiang Panshi

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